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Current Endorsements

Ballot Endorsements

No on the Recall

We recommend California voters vote No in the September 2021 Recall Election.

Legislative Endorsements

California Legislature

We have taken positions on approximately 20 bills in the California state legislature.

Want Endorsements for Your Area?

Don't see endorsements for your area? If you're be interested in helping put together pro-housing endorsements for your area, get in touch with us about starting a local chapter.

About Endorsements

We endorse candidates running for office, ballot propositions, and bills in the legislature.

What Are Endorsements?

Endorsements express our organization’s position, and guide our actions. When we endorse a candidate or ballot proposition, our volunteers canvas, phone bank, and text bank on its behalf. When we endorse a bill, members and volunteers call and write to their representatives to encourage them to vote our way.

Ballot vs. Legislative

In local, state, and federal elections we make ballot endorsements. These appear in our voter guides. In between elections, elected officials propose and vote on various laws. Legislative endorsements are our position on those laws.


Why They Matter

Endorsing and supporting candidates gets people who care about housing affordability to elected offices where they can make a difference. When elected officials see that we’re active during elections and engage with bills, they listen to us more. Getting elected officials to listen enables us to pass pro-housing policies.

How We Decide Our Endorsements

YIMBY Members shape the candidates we endorse and the positions we take on bills.

Past Endorsements

  • January: California State Democratic Party

November: San Francisco local offices and ballot measures

  • November California state ballot measures, San Francisco ballot measures and offices
  • June: San Francisco local offices, ballot measures, and regional ballot measures


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