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Attend one of our new advocate training webinars to learn more about housing affordability, housing and racial justice, and housing and climate change.

Event Descriptions

Ever wondered why it’s so expensive to buy a home? Or why rent is so damn high?

You’re not alone. Housing has been expensive for a long time, and prices have only continued to rise in recent years. The good news is that we can make homes affordable for everyone, and you can join us!

Come learn how homes got so expensive and how you can join the fight for abundant, affordable housing.

Did you know that our neighborhoods are more segregated today than they were in 1990?

For decades, racist housing laws throughout the country have historically excluded people of color from wealthy, predominantly white neighborhoods. This has kept folks away from homeownership, high-paying jobs, high-quality schools, and other key opportunities to help families thrive. This webinar will go through the history of these racist policies, how they perpetuate segregation today, and how we can achieve racial justice in housing.

Come learn why neighborhoods are still segregated and how we can make housing equitable for everyone.

What if we could tackle climate change and make housing more affordable at the same time?

When we advocate for denser housing options, walkable neighborhoods, and robust public transit systems, we reduce carbon emissions while making our communities healthier and more resilient. This workshop will teach you how housing advocacy and climate action go hand in hand.

Come learn how we can tackle climate change and housing affordability at the same time!

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