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Board Member

Rudy Espinoza Murray

Director, San Mateo Resource Conservation District

Rudy Espinoza-Murray, YIMBY Action

Current City

Redwood City, CA


Miami, FL



Housing Story

After being laid off in 2020, my husband and I were unable to afford their apartment in Redwood City, CA. That experience got me interested in housing activism. Since then, I’ve written about housing and organized underrepresented communities to speak out for housing projects and increases in affordable housing.


Rudy joined the pro–housing movement after he and his husband faced housing insecurity in 2020. He quickly became engaged with his local YIMBY Action chapter, Peninsula for Everyone, by working to get endorsed candidates elected. In December of 2020, he officially joined YIMBY Action as staff and built YIMBY Action’s Marketing and Communications Department. His strategy elevated the YIMBY movement by growing and diversifying its membership as well as increasing small dollar donations. In 2021, Rudy served on the Redistricting Commission for San Mateo County and chaired the Redistricting Commission for Redwood City. His work led to the protection of two majority-minority districts in RWC. Rudy has a degree in International Agriculture and Rural Development from Cornell University and now serves as a Redwood City Planning Commissioner.

Why Housing Matters

Housing is healthcare, education, public safety, and wealth creation. Where you live and how you live impacts future outcomes for individuals and their families.
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Why I Support YIMBY Action

YIMBY Action is the premier organization that has the vision, infrastructure, and experience to move the needle on housing. The successes of the organization are tangible and are shifting the narrative on housing in California and the rest of the nation.


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