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Board Member

Sasha Aickin

Former Chief Technical Officer of Redfin

Sasha Aickin YIMBY

Current City

New York City, NY


Phoenix, AZ



Housing Story

When I was growing up in the 80s in suburban Arizona, San Francisco (and cities in general) were places that served as a refuge for all the folks who didn’t quite fit in: queer people, misfits, artists, hippies, and more. In the mid 90s, I moved to San Francisco, and I lived there for 22 years. I literally can’t count how many people I know who were forced to leave because of housing.


Sasha works with organizations working on LGBT issues and HIV/AIDs advocacy, as well as housing. Sascha is a programmer, and has built data visualizations to show the potential for zoning changes to allow homes near transit and jobs. Sascha believes there’s a lot of opportunity in merging the power of policy makers, grassroots organizers, and folks with tech and data skills to make cities welcoming again. Sasha is currently focused on personal projects, and was formerly the CTO of the home buying site Redfin.

Why Housing Matters

Cities were a refuge for me when I needed them, and I want them to be welcoming to the next generation who need them.
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Why I Support YIMBY Action

One thing I love about YIMBY Action is that they have really figured out how to create a real community around housing advocacy. They know that the solution to our housing problems is not an app; it’s getting people together, mobilizing to make change in the world of politicians and public meetings, but maintaining a sense of humor and fun all the while.


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