The YIMBY Action Core 4

Homelessness, displacement, and ever-lengthening commutes are pushing people into crisis across California. In wealthy metropolises, tens of thousands are ill-housed or struggling on our streets. Unable to afford housing near jobs, many are driven to become super-commuters, straining our underfunded public transportation network and increasing car traffic. With housing supply and demand so far out of whack, prices have shot through the roof, and long-time residents as well as newcomers are suffering the consequences. Both carbon emissions and human suffering are on the rise.

In response, a pro-housing movement is growing under the banner of Yes In My Backyard (YIMBY). YIMBYs believe we need more housing at every level to address the chronic housing shortage and ensure abundant housing for everyone.

YIMBY Action focuses on four core strategies to achieve this goal:

  • Increase Zoned Capacity for Housing
  • Improve Permitting Process for Housing
  • Increase Funding for Subsidized Housing
  • Change Bad Incentives around Housing

YIMBYs believe that we must build welcoming, thriving communities of opportunity for all, and that a fundamental step towards that goal is addressing our housing shortage. Without abundant housing for all, it will be impossible to reach our climate goals and reduce human suffering.