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Board Chair

Ernest Brown

Senior Project Manager, Kaiser Permanente

Ernest Brown, YIMBY Action Board Member

Current City

Atlanta, GA


Atlanta, GA



Housing Story

When I moved…my rent doubled at the same time as my number of roommates did. I see direct results of the failure to build enough housing in the growing number of neighbors who sleep in their cars, in the park, or in the doorways of buildings. Building more housing is not the only solution to addressing their needs, but it is an essential part of what we must do.


Ernest is a current Board Member of YIMBY Action, and has been active in the YIMBY movement since 2017. Ernest also serves on the boards of Tech Equity Collaborative and the San Francisco Housing Accelerator Fund.  He is a Senior Project Manager at Kaiser Permanente, where he supports the nonprofit’s strategy and partnerships. Ernest is a native of Atlanta, GA. He graduated from Emory University with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Economics.

Why Housing Matters

Housing is a gateway to good schools, available jobs, generational wealth and so much more.
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Why I Support YIMBY Action

I continue to be impressed by YIMBY Action’s ability to help people find their civic voice… This movement has found ways to help people impacted by the housing crisis to demand solutions from government. YIMBY Action is building a community of these advocates, to remind us that we are not alone in our struggle and are closer to success when we work together.


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