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Board Member

Jeff Fong

Principal Product Manager, Hover

Jeff Fong, YIMBY Board

Current City

Oakland, CA


New Orleans, LA



Housing Story

I first joined the workforce during the 2008 recession and spent the better part of a decade trying to find a foothold in the job market. Even after finding full time employment, I regularly worked an additional 20-30 hours a week as a Lyft driver to cover my cost of living. I eventually found stability, but I was lucky—and too many others were not.


Jeff has been active in housing policy debates for years, making the case for greater housing production and a revamped social safety net. He periodically writes about housing policy and politics. Jeff was formerly Vice President of Product at Postmates, an on-demand logistics platform. He now works at Hover, a technology firm that builds products for the home construction industry.

Why Housing Matters

The housing shortage makes everything harder. Economic growth is slowed, inequality exacerbated, the environment damaged, and historical injustices entrenched all because of this one set of bad institutions. We owe it to future generations to leave behind something better. Fixing housing is the best way I can see to do that.
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Why I Support YIMBY Action

YIMBY Action has the most compelling theory of politics out of any YIMBY organization operating today. The leadership understands the importance of movement building and has a toolkit that lets newcomers to the movement speed-run the activist learning curve and begin making change.


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