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Housing Elements Advocacy Manager

Keith Diggs

Current City

It’s complicated


Vienna, VA



Housing Story

I currently live out of a car, renting sheds and spare bedrooms on Airbnb. I used to live in Phoenix, but Phoenix isn’t affordable anymore. In 2021 I downsized from a two-bedroom to a studio to save just $100/mo., and then the rent on the studio jumped 30% in 2022 (nomad life is much cheaper). I got fed up with the housing crisis and joined YIMBY Law to help tackle it.


Keith Diggs joined the YIMBY movement in 2022 after working as an attorney for seven years at the Institute for Justice, a nonprofit where he led a challenge to a home-business ban in Nashville’s zoning ordinance. Keith is licensed to practice law in Arizona state and federal court, California state court, and the Ninth Circuit. He was an executive editor for the Michigan Law Review, and has published legal scholarship on maritime shipping, civil asset forfeiture, and the Arizona Constitution. At YIMBY Law, Keith holds cities accountable for meeting housing needs of local communities by leading the multi-organizational Campaign for Fair Housing Elements. Keith holds a B.A. in political science from Emory University, and a J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School.


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