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Marketing & Communications Intern

Nikki Yang

Current City

Los Angeles, CA


Arcadia, CA



Housing Story

Being born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, I grew up in the physical and social isolation that occurs in communities that are designed exclusively for single family homes and McMansions. With a lacking public transportation system connecting the LA area, traveling into and within the city easily takes an hour or more to travel across short distances. I’m a YIMBY because dense cities supported by robust public transportation systems should be a standard, not an aspiration.


Nikki Yang joined the YIMBY Action Marketing and Communications team in 2022. Previously, she worked in the sustainability sector in California advocating for environmentalism on college campuses as a Zero Waste Coordinator at UC Davis Sustainability. Nikki also worked at affordable housing non-profit Community Land Trust Bruxelles in Belgium, Germany. As the Marketing & Communications Intern for YIMBY Action, Nikki supports graphic design and marketing work that increases awareness of our movement and attracts new members. Nikki earned her Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Environmental Design from the University of California, Davis.


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