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San Francisco Organizer

Milo Trauss



Housing Story

Last decade, when I lived in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, housing was easy to find and affordable. I was able to move to the Bay Area only because a friend helped me find a relatively cheap room in West Oakland. Now, I am experiencing the Bay Area housing shortage with my partner and baby in our one room San Francisco apartment. Given the high costs of having a home home big enough to raise a family here, we probably won’t be able to stay, though we’d like to.


Milo began work in housing politics after the start-up that moved him to the Bay Area crumbled in 2016. He started as a field organizer for a slate of candidates in the San Francisco Democratic Club Central Committee race and went on to be the newly formed YIMBY Action’s first employee later that year. After, Milo joined a leading strategic communications firm that is focused on environmentally sustainable and socially just development. As managing partner, he designs and implements community and government engagement strategies to win entitlements. Milo rejoined SF YIMBY as a part-time organizer in 2022. Milo is a Lead of the Progress Noe Valley chapter and member of the Noe Valley Democratic Club. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies from the University of Pittsburgh.


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