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San Francisco Political Director

Nadia Rahman

Current City

San Francisco, CA


Round Rock, Texas



Housing Story

Growing up in central Texas as the daughter of immigrants, relatives who were new immigrants moved in with my family temporarily. My own father experienced housing insecurity when coming to America, and family stories instilled within me that housing is essential for everyone to survive and to reach their full potential. Struggling to find housing in San Francisco as a salaried worker, I knew that there was even less opportunity for immigrants like my relatives and hourly workers.


Nadia’s entry into the YIMBY movement started with her run for San Francisco’s Democratic County Central Committee in 2020. Following the campaign, Nadia joined as a YIMBY member and chapter Lead. An organizer through and through, Nadia is skilled in advocacy, community relations, and bringing people together to work successfully towards shared goals. She has worked in marketing, communication, and leadership for agencies, businesses, and on political campaigns. Nadia holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from The George Washington University and a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from The University of Texas at Austin. Nadia serves on the board of the SF-Marin Food Bank, and previously was Co-President of the San Francisco Women’s Political Committee.


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