San Mateo County

Local chapter

San Mateo County is home to some of the wealthiest communities in the country and plagued by extreme housing scarcity. While jobs boomed for decades, home building didn’t keep pace β€” resulting in an astounding 17:1 jobs-housing imbalance, the worst in the Bay Area. The burden of the housing shortage is felt most acutely by low-income residents who are often forced to choose between being displaced or enduring unsafe or overcrowded living conditions.
For too long, the loudest voices against change have dominated local politics in San Mateo County, so Peninsula for Everyone is uniting to push for local progress. Members evaluated candidates’ questionnaire responses, interviews, and records, and chose to endorse housing champions who will move San Mateo County forward towards being a more equitable and inclusive region.

2022 Election Cheat Sheet

Explanations for endorsements are below.

California State-wide Offices

California Attorney General
βœ… Rob Bonta

California State Assembly

District 19
βœ… Phil Ting
District 21
βœ… Giselle Hale

Endorsement Explainer

California State-wide Office

California Attorney General

Rob Bonta

Rob Bonta has brought an unprecedented passion for enforcing state housing law to the Attorney General’s office. His leadership of the Housing Accountability Unit and his dedication to protecting pro-housing legislation from NIMBY nonsense has earned him the title Housing Champion.

Endorsed byΒ YIMBY Action.

California State Assembly

CA State Assembly District 19

Includes the north and west side of San Francisco: the Richmond, the Sunset, Presidio, Panhandle, and the Marina neighborhoods. Includes Daly City.

Phil Ting

Assemblymember Phil Ting has been a supporter of pro-housing policies in the Assembly for years. As a co-author on the groundbreaking SB 50 and a champion of ADUs, Ting has been ready to take hard votes in support of building more homes. His steady support for policy change, while representing a district that has historically fought housing production, is notable.

Endorsed by San Francisco YIMBY, Peninsula for Everyone, Northern Neighbors, Grow the Richmond, and YIMBY Action.

CA State Assembly District 21

Assembly District 21 includes much of San Mateo County, including Redwood City, San Mateo, Brisbane, Millbrae, South San Francisco, Menlo Park, San Carlos, and San Bruno.

Giselle Hale

Redwood City Mayor Giselle Hale has not just laid out a strong YIMBY vision, but has also championed policies and action to create more housing opportunities in her own backyard. When asked if she was a YIMBY, during Peninsula For Everyone’s Assembly District 21 debate, Mayor Hale was quoted as saying, β€œI’m a card carrying member because I believe we can reverse this situation.”

Her leadership in prioritizing housing policy and regional transportation include supporting safe parking programs, approving a significant amount of market-rate and affordable homes, supporting several Project Homekey proposals in Redwood City, supporting Seamless Transit and more.

When it comes to protecting tenants, Mayor Hale supports a statewide rental registry and strengthening AB 1482 (statewide rent stabilization). Her support of California State legislation like SB50, SB9 and SB35, as a local elected official, has shown that she views the housing crisis as a systemic issue beyond just the borders of Redwood City. Finally, support of future reforms of CEQA, repealing Article 34 make Giselle the strongest choice for AD21.

Endorsed by Peninsula for Everyone and YIMBY Action.